Old Town Hall

Windham Historical Society

234 Windham Center Road

Built in 1833 as the first town hall or town house, as it was called, this 40 ft. x 50 ft. brick structure has served as a meetinghouse, school, town office and a place to practice sports! Civil War enlistees gathered here to sign up. Town meetings were held here. From 1893 to 1910, it was a high school and elementary school classes were held here for 23 years.

In 1983, the last of the municipal offices moved out and the sturdy old brick building was turned over to the Historical Society. By 1998 the Society had made a small museum and turned the old town office into a meeting room and research center. Outside landscaping, including the herb garden, is done by volunteers. Workshops, programs and meetings are held continually and the historic building’s walk in vault provides safe storage for ancient records of the community.