Old Grocery


Built in the early 1800s, and moved to the corner of Windham Center Road and Route 202 in 1838, the wooden 30 ft. x 50 ft. building was William Goold’s tailor shop. 

An historian and writer, he saved the imported carved wood oak leaves and acorn trim from the old St. Paul’s Church in Portland and added them to his shop where they can be seen to this day.

The tailor shop became a cobbler shop, then a grain and grocery store, a garden club and community theater meeting place. Finally, after it had been empty for some time, the building came to the Historical Society. Volunteers started renovations and replaced the sills, repaired the roof and windows and rebuilt the pillars and overhang. More volunteers polished donated display cases, cleaned and scrubbed, repaired windows and the historic structure is today a wonderful museum, attracting many visitors.

There are artifacts and displays highlighting every phase of the past use of this compact building. An adjacent shed houses the old horse-drawn hearse, along with tools and other implements.