In order to help our visitors find information about the Windham, Maine area, neighboring towns, and the State of Maine, we are pleased to provide links to the following sites. 

Town of Windham, Maine Public Library

For many years Windham had three small community libraries. The Windham Circulating Library at Windham Center became the main focus. In the late 1960's. when it outgrew its small building, the current location was chosen for a new building. The doors of the Windham Public Library, with its first professional librarian, opened in December 1971. A major expansion to double the size was completed in October 1993.

Maine Historical Society      

"The Maine Historical Society preserves the heritage and history of Maine: the stories of Maine people, the traditions of Maine communities, and the record of Maine's place in a changing world. Because an understanding of the past is vital to a healthy and progressive society, we collect, care for, and exhibit historical treasures; facilitate research into family, local, state, and national history; provide education programs that make history meaningful, accessible and enjoyable; and empower others to preserve and interpret the history of their communities and our state."

Maine Archives and Museums  

The purpose of the organization is to develop and foster a network of citizens and institutions in Maine who identify, collect interpret, and/or provide access to materials relating to history and culture.

Maine State Museum     

Shaped by the forces of geology, and smoothed by ice age glaciers, Maine's natural environment is beautiful and complex. As the point of contact between New England, Maritime Canada and the sea, Maine has been the scene of human occupation, struggle, and enterprise for some 11,000 years. This human history extends from the first Paleo Indian hunters following the woolly mammoths, to vacationers today seeking fun and adventure.

Maine State Archives    

The Maine State Archives, a bureau within the Department of Secretary of State, maintains approximately 95 million pages of official State records considered to be permanently valuable. These include bills introduced in the Legislature, Governor's Executive Council Reports, election returns, deeds to and from the State of Maine, maps from the Land Office, vital statistics, federal census records from Maine up to 1930, county court records dating back to the 1639, and military records through World War I, to list a few.

Our Archives Services Divisionpreserves and provides access to these archival records. Researchers may request general information or specific records by contacting us in person, by phone, FAX, or e-mail.


Selected neighboring towns historical society links:

Bridgton Historical Society    

Founded in 1953 to preserve the local history, traditions and customs of Bridgton, Maine and the surrounding area, the Society operates a museum and research center in downtown Bridgton, and "Narramissic," the Peabody-Fitch House, a restored 19th-century farm, complete with a working blacksmith shop, in South Bridgton.  

Raymond/Casco Historical Society    

The Raymond-Casco Historical Society (RCHS) is a charitable, educational & non-profit organization which devotes its resources to the collection, preservation and interpretation of materials which document the history of Raymond & Casco.

Sebago Historical Society  

Our mission is to encourage and promote an interest and appreciation of the history of the Town of Sebago through the collection, research, and preservation of such information, materials, or items and to develop educational programs of historical or genealogical importance relating to Sebago’s history.  The Society will provide access to all who wish to examine or study its collection.       

Androscoggin Historical Society     

The purposes of the Society shall be: the discovery, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Androscoggin County and the State of Maine.

Westbrook Historical Society   

The purpose of the Westbrook Historical Society is to bring together those people interested in the history of Westbrook, Maine and to discover, collect, and preserve any materials and objects that establish and illustrate the history of the area.

Gray Historical Society    

The Gray Historical Society was founded on June 6, 1962 as a community project by Gray Grange. Its purpose is to "collect, preserve, and to share the history of the Town of Gray and the State of Maine".

Gorham Historical Society  

The purpose of the Society is to bring together those people interested in the history of the Town of Gorham and State of Maine and to collect and preserve ephemera and artifacts of the history of the town and its citizens so that people now and in the future will have resources to study their heritage.