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An Inside Look at Dick Proenneke of One Man's Wilderness, Twin Lakes, Alaska by John Branson, Park Historian Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Despite his remote location at Twin Lakes, wilderness icon Dick Proenneke maintained friendships and correspondence while living an inspirational life untethered to the commercial world. You are invited to an evening presentation on Proenneke's life at Twin Lakes and an inside scoop on the man himself!

Dick Proenneke.jpg

Join us as John Branson, Lake Clark National Park historian and son of Doctor Sidney Branson, tells the story of his friend Richard L. Proenneke. Proenneke gained national attention for his book One Man’s Wilderness and the PBS program Alone in the Wilderness that appeared on PBS stations from coast to coast. Both chronicled his life in remote Twin Lakes, Alaska. Branson was a good friend of Proenneke’s and is currently editing his journals for the National Park Service. This is a great opportunity to get some insight into this wilderness icon and gain an understanding of his unique way of life.