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A section of the Old Library is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Sid Branson, who for nearly half a century provided townspeople with medical care. A World War II veteran, he participated in every parade and served the town on many committees. He was instrumental in starting the Windham Health Council which used this Old Library building for many years as its headquarters.


Built before 1850, this structure was first rented for living quarters.


The local sewing circle and reading group of women decided they needed a permanent place to keep their books, and rented a room here and in 1907 they purchased the building for $500.


It was formerly located right beside the Old Grocery building at the corner of Windham Center Road and Route 202. 


It was the Windham Center Library until 1972 when Windham built the public library. The little old library turned over all its book collection to the new facility.


Windham Health Council, which operates a medical supply Loan Closet, had the old library building moved up the road near the new library. For many years it was used to store medical equipment until it became too small for that use.


Within a short time, the town offered the building to the Historical Society and volunteers moved the old library-loan closet to the present site, beside the old town house. This is the third museum the Society maintains, using many of the old furnishings from the original library, along with other displays. 

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